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High performance everyday shirts

The shirt is the essence of menswear and Style & Tech seeks to offer shirts with a level of demand according to the times we live in.

Demand for benefits, ethics and responsibility in the production processes.

Our materials are respectful with the environment, with certified processes.

Style & Tech shirts are designed with high-performance textiles to make day-to-day use easier: COOLMAX® polyester yarn mixed with the best 100% cotton spinning, as well as sanitized antibacterial fabric from SANITIZED AG, a leading company in hygiene, with an usual shirt touch of great quality.

You can wear the shirt for hours and hours, even a couple of days without washing it, maintaining the freshness of a freshly cleaned shirt, ideal for celebrations, a hard day’s work or long trips.

See some of the best technical qualities of Style & Tech shirts:

Maximum perspiration


CoolMax® is a special INVISTA polyester yarn, unique in the world, designed with a special section to expand sweat and allow its quick and efficient evaporation. Our garments are certified by our fabric manufacturer as Coolmax Core®, which provides the following advantages:


-High consistency and durability in fabric performance.

-Easy care.

-Quick drying.

-Great moisture management and breathability.

-Good air permeability.

-Good tissue stability.

-Good moisture management and sweat permanently throughout the life of the product.

-Textile resistant to the use of washing machine and detergents.


Solar protection


All of our shirts are made laboratory tested tissue (by the AITEX Textile Research Institute) to determine the UV protection factor, being a UPF of 50+ our minimum requirement according to AS / NZS 4399:1996. The capacity of the tissue to avoid the passage of ultraviolet radiation and the UPF 50+ is the greatest possible capacity; protecting 97.5% against UVA and UVB radiation for the entire life of the garment.

Antimicrobial finish


Sanitized® from SANITIZED AG, the world’s leading Swiss hygienic company, is used in this tissue manufacturing. The advantages of using an antimicrobial or antibacterial product are: To keep the feeling of freshness in a garment, to eliminate odors created by fungi and bacteria, to maintain dirt control caused by bacteria and to reduce the contamination risk of the garment.


Anti-odor quality


The types of sweat generated by the body are odorless. The smell occurs when a type of bacteria that lives naturally in our skin feeds on that sweat. The antibacterial applied to Style & Tech garments prevents the reproduction of this bacteria and, therefore, the appearance of unpleasant odor that we associate with sweat. Our garments are treated with an antibacterial finish developed by Sanitized® and  moisture wicking Coolmax® technology, which makes our garments do not retain any body odor.


Elastic fabric


The two basic fabrics we use in the White and Blue Collection are based on a cotton yarm, Coolmax® polyester and Lycra® elastane from INVISTA. The percentage of elastane can vary but the result will always be an elastic and comfortable garment. The use of Lycra® fiber guarantees an exceptional elasticity and the maintenance in time, wash after wash, of its stretching qualities.

The “White” & “Blue” Collections of Style & Tech use two basic fabrics: a flat type fabric, our Ref. 500 and an oxford-type fabric, our Ref. 805. These fabrics, although their appearance, touch and composition are different, offer similar results at a technical level (tested in the laboratory).

Style & Tech has minimum requirements that both meet equally, such as: certificates with UPF 50+, Ret <3,1m2Pa / W (for the calculation of transpiration capabilities), among many other factors.

Both fabrics are apt to be used throughout the year; however, their special technical qualities will come in handy on times of greater heat, but with the continuous global warming and the possibility of using the garments in occasional sports or physical activities, trips, etc., both fabrics will be a very good companion 365 days a year.