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High performance everyday shirts


Style & Tech was born to combine experience and passion. Experience of four family generations dedicated to fashion manufacturing industry and passion for fashion and technology.

We live immersed in a demanding society. The world that surrounds us demands everytime more and more on a personal and professional level. Time is a precious scarce commodity. We search for garments that respond well to this scarce and harsh environment.

Style & Tech wants to offer answers and solutions to the challenges and demands we deal everyday with:

Days that plenty of times are an authentic race. A race with a lot of curves, changes of directions, sudden turns, where we accelerate from 0 to 100 MPH in a few seconds. Days that sometimes become a vital rally and and an authentic adventure.

The shirt is the essence of menswear and this collection seeks to offer shirts with a high-demanding level according to the times we live in.

Demands and requirements  in terms of benefits, ethics and responsibility in the production processes.